CAMMP: Next generations mobile when the media converge

CAMMP is a prestigious mobile media platform funded by the Danish Advanced Technology Foundation (Højteknologifonden). The project will run for a 4-year period (starting in 2008) and includes the main research institutions and companies in Denmark dealing with converged mobile media platforms and services.

The convergence between the Internet, digital TV and radio, and 3G mobile technologies will lead to many new possibilities. CAMMP will investigate and uncover the potential in the new converged infrastructure, which will change the known media as radio and TV by combining them with user-generated content and interaction between content providers and users.

The research will define new business models and new value chains for next generation mobile services. The new platform has focus on technological innovation in the industry and on strengthening of research and education.

The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation has granted the project 22 million kroner.

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